Are you ready to stand out online and attract more ideal clients without overwhelm?

Unlock everything you need to elevate your impact and income online with a clear brand message, cohesive copy and compelling content that resonates with the people you're most excited to serve!

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You know that sharing your message & getting visible are essential parts of growing a thriving, impactful online business that also creates the freedom and fulfillment you desire.

But when it comes to communicating about what you do and who your business serves you either:

  • Find yourself at a loss for words, wondering what the heck you should say to resonate with the right people

  • Get tongue-tied and totally fed up figuring out how to express what your business is all about in a way that feels authentic, aligned and actually makes sense 

  • Or put yourself out there, but keep running into roadblocks like lackluster engagement or attracting less-than-ideal clients so you have a hunch something must be misaligned

Not to mention, impact-driven entrepreneurs are often told the key to success is creating more, posting more, connecting more, etc.

The problem is, without a clear, compelling brand message that aligns with your business goals, even the most intentional actions are just busy work rather than strategic steps in the right direction. 

On the other hand, when you DO have a CLEAR, COMPELLING MESSAGE you can build incredible momentum with significantly less effort -- so you can say goodbye to trying to keep up with all the things, and simply focus on the strategies that feel good. Which is exactly why I created...

The Brand Message Makeover Mini Course

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An easy-to-implement mini course & resource bundle designed to help you accomplish all of the following in less time than it takes you to complete your morning routine:

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Clarify Your Brand Message

You’ll get crystal clear on what your business is all about & apply a simple formula to articulate what you stand for with complete confidence.

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Share It In A Way That Resonates

Make sure your message meets people “where they are” using templates and copy hacks to craft messaging that makes sense.

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Stand Out Online With Ease

Streamline a cohesive online presence that drives results for your business right away with time-saving tutorials, actionable resources and more.

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Attract More Ideal Clients

Magnetize more of the right people without overwhelm using simple fill-in-the-blank templates to craft high-value content & share your message.


Here’s What Others Are Saying About The Mini Course

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Here’s What You Get Inside The Mini Course Bundle:

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Plus, I'm Including These Bonuses (Over $400+ Value!) To Help You Accelerate Your Success...

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What If You Could Stop Spinning Your Wheels And Start Attracting Ideal Clients Simply By Showing Up & Sharing Your Message In A Way That Feels Good (And Isn’t Overwhelming)?

Spoiler Alert: It’s 100% possible with the tools, templates and fast-action training inside this Mini Course Bundle.

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Hi, I'm AnnMarie!

If we haven’t met yet, I’m an Online Business Strategist with nearly a decade of experience helping hundreds of coaches, consultants & course creators build and evolve purposeful, profitable online brands.

One essential key to unlocking limitless impact and income in your business (that I’ve seen entrepreneurs get stuck on for months, even years, on end) is a clear brand message. But articulating what you do in a way that makes sense and resonates with the right people isn’t easy.

While it's a cornerstone of what I help people with now, an unclear brand message held me back in my own business for 2+ years. When I finally clarified it though, (using the same resources inside the Mini Course), everything shifted and my business revenue doubled 2 years in a row!


Which is why I’m so incredibly passionate about helping you clarify your own stand-out brand message and share it with intention so you can elevate your impact and income without overwhelm. I developed the Mini Course Bundle to simplify and accelerate your journey toward (your definition of) success...

The Brand Message Makeover Mini Course Bundle Is Your Fast Track To:

  • Knowing exactly how to talk about what your business does in a way that resonates
  • Sounding like you and standing out without being salesy
  • Engaging and converting more ideal clients you love working with
  • Building awareness and authority to attract the right-fit audience and opportunities
  • Leveling up and evolving with ease...and so much more!

Unlock All The Tools You Need To Elevate Your Impact & Income Online With A Clear Brand Message (And More!)

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Here’s A Recap Of The Mini Course Bundle:


  • 12 OnDemand Video Trainings with step-by-step guidance & examples (Value: $497)
  • Brand Message Makeover Playbook with clarifying templates and prompts (Value: $97)
  • 40+ Fill-In-The-Blank Templates & Swipe Copy to elevate your site, social & more (Value: $97)
  • 4-Part Customizable Content Strategy to eliminate marketing overwhelm (Value: $247)
  • Bonus #1: OnDemand Brand Vision Workshop & Worksheet (Value: $197)
  • Bonus #2: “Another Way To Say” Creative Copy Swipe File Library (Value: $47)
  • Bonus #3: Q&A Support (Value: $247)

Total Value: $1429

Right Now, Get Lifetime Access For Only $67!

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FAQs About The Mini Course Bundle

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Jaymie Tarshis, Facebook Advertising Expert

"I got the Brand Message Makeover Mini Course because I was lacking direction when it came to my brand vision and messaging. Not only did the course give me clarity on my vision but it also helped me refine my brand message so it will be more effective when communicating with my ideal customers online. The PDF’s and examples made it super easy to follow along and implement each lesson in just a couple of hours!"

Ready To Accelerate Your Business Success With A Clear, Compelling Brand Message & A Cohesive Online Presence That Attracts Right-Fit Clients With Ease?

Click below to enroll now and start (maybe also finish?!) your Brand Message Makeover today!

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