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Elevate & Impact Group Program

A high-touch group consulting program to transform, grow and scale your business on your own terms so you can create next level income, impact, freedom with ease.

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I help brilliant entrepreneurs like you elevate to your next level of success… you can finally experience the feel-good, lasting results you desire (and deserve!)

 As a high-achieving female entrepreneur, you’re likely on a mission to change lives and leave a legacy through the work that you do. 

You know your business can be a vehicle for positive impact in the world.

But something’s been holding you back from the success you crave.

Imposter syndrome. Spinning your wheels. Not knowing what you don’t know.

You’ve listened to all the business podcasts and attended more masterclasses than you can count. 

You’ve taken notes till your hand cramped up and taken action on some of what you’ve learned. 

You’ve tried a gazillion “game-changing” marketing tactics and invested in premium business programs all promising to be “THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEMS."

Only none of these things fully delivered the results you’re after. 

You’ve made progress, no doubt. 

Still, it’s frustrating to think about all the money, time and energy you’ve invested in solutions that just didn’t move the needle all that much.

Needless to say, you’ve had it up to here with the trial-and-error hamster wheel.

And honestly, you’re starting to doubt yourself at every turn.


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Too often, powerhouse women in business spin their wheels and shrink their dreams instead of breaking through to their next level of impact, income, freedom and fulfillment... 

...all because a few key pieces of their “strategic business puzzle” are missing, and they simply don’t know what they don’t know.


If this feels familiar, you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault.

Find out what’s possible when you align your strategy with your vision ​​to do business in a way that works for YOU.

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You’re an absolute expert at what you do, so you have a lot on your plate as it is:

  • Serving your clients at the highest level
  • Staying updated on industry research & trends
  • Handling day-to-day business operations
  • And more...

When it comes to business growth and innovation, there are countless moving parts to consider. 

Plus, you’re so close to it. Your business feels like an extension of YOU. So strategizing, implementing and troubleshooting bigger picture shifts can feel like “trying to read a container label when you’re inside the container”. 




So you gravitate toward doing what you see working for others (or what you’ve been told has worked for others).

And while there’s nothing wrong with that approach, it’s the root of unnecessary struggle for so many brilliant business owners.

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Here’s the truth: just because a blueprint, strategy, or specific approach worked for one business (or even hundreds of businesses!) doesn’t mean it’s a fit for YOU and YOUR business.

And even if it is a fit, the path isn’t typically as linear as it’s presented.


So you end up…

→ Prioritizing things in the wrong order… or even missing a piece or two completely! And then that “promised” success seems perpetually out of reach…

→ Following someone else’s roadmap to the letter (even when it feels semi-icky or inauthentic...because, maybe it was just you?) only to find yourself lost and wondering where you went wrong in the end?

→ Suffering from analysis paralysis, shiny object syndrome or throwing spaghetti at the wall instead of committing to a simple, sustainable path forward.

Ready for a better approach and better results? I’ve got you…

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As a leading Online Business Strategist who has helped hundreds of women gain unshakeable clarity and evolve their businesses to experience feel-good results and exponential growth, I know this:

If you want to experience business success with ease, you need a comprehensive approach that brings all the pieces together in a way that supports your highest vision, elevates your impact, income and freedom right away & aligns with how you're uniquely hardwired to show up as your best.

If you’ve felt pressure to follow a certain path, release it.

If you’ve been told there’s a "right way " or “best way” to do business, flip the script.

It’s time to do things your way.


Through my decade of experience in online business as a content writer, digital marketing coordinator, creative director, business strategist and CEO, I’ve developed the proprietary IMPACT Framework for Aligned Online Business Growth & Evolution.

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This proprietary roadmap has already helped more than 100 entrepreneurs navigate “growth mode” with CEO-level clarity, confidence, command and direction to create consistent momentum and feel-good results in their businesses.

Because only when you tap into the highest and best version of your CEO-self to reimagine a business vision that aligns with your authentic desires…

And lean into solidifying the right-fit strategic business foundation to support those desires in a way that also meets your most important short term goals...

…will you THEN see the results, growth and freedom you want with ease, speed, simplicity and staying power.

Here's what Erica said about her work with AnnMarie in Elevate & Impact:


That’s why I’m beyond thrilled to invite you to join our signature Business Strategy Consulting Program for high-achieving women CEOs who are ready to step into their next season of success, and finally start doing business their own way.



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A gold-standard Consulting Program exclusively for experienced women entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their businesses (without hustling, stress and overwhelm)

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12-Month Strategic Business Consulting Partnership

Designed to help you solidify and implement a completely personalized strategic business foundation and sustainable growth strategy while receiving LOTS of hands on, dedicated support as you elevate, pivot and/or scale in a way that is perfectly aligned for you -- this is no one-size-fits-all situation. 

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Elevate & Impact (Frame)Workshops

The 12 Core OnDemand Trainings walk you step-by-step through our proprietary IMPACT Framework - from refining your business model with elevated offers and redefining your ideal audience, to clarifying your brand message and positioning, to streamlining your marketing and sales so you can impact (and earn) millions online without overwhelm. It’s all the insights you need to strengthen your business foundation for lasting success.

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Weekly Hot Seat Consulting Sessions

Receive deep, specific consulting around whatever’s top-of-mind in your business, ask complex questions, get dedicated strategy and implementation support or simply show up to connect and stay accountable. Our Hot Seat sessions create the continuous thread of personalized, high-touch support that’s missing from so many other business programs.

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Weekly Voxer Office Hours

Get quick feedback, process ideas and bypass sticking points that arise as you take consistent, aligned action to work ON your business and build lasting momentum. Pop into Voxer anytime and AnnMarie will provide the 1:1 laser support you need during her Weekly Voxer Office Hours.

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Monthly Group Intensive

Once a month, we have a Live CoWorking Intensive. This session begins with intention-setting for the month ahead, followed by 2 hours of focused, dedicated space to work on your business and get even more direct support from AnnMarie as needed.

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24/7 Support Community

This is where you’ll go to get quick answers between sessions, request feedback, stay accountable, celebrate wins and connect with other incredible Elevate & Impact clients for collaboration and connection that makes the business transformation journey infinitely more rewarding.

Plus these bonuses, designed to take your business success to the next level:


Bonus #1: Monthly Live Guest Expert Sessions & Specialty Workshops (Value: $3200)

Each month, we’ll have a featured guest expert or specialty workshop session you can attend live and/or catch the replay to gain deeper insights and support around specific business topics like email marketing, visual branding, website content and more.

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Bonus #2: Bonus Training & Resource Library (Value: $4900)

You’ll get lifetime access to a digital library of previous guest trainings and specialty workshops, plus templates, swipe copy and other resources (including special offers and exclusive gifts from past guest experts) to help you with:

✔️ Copywriting & Content That Converts

✔️ Project Planning & Client Workflows

✔️ Visual Branding & Storytelling

✔️ Leadership & Team Development 

✔️ Sales Calls & Launching

✔️ Facebook Ads, LinkedIn & More

✔️ Hiring Toolkit

✔️ Workshop Funnel Toolkit

✔️ CEO Schedule Toolkit

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Bonus #3: Quarterly Planning Intensive (Value: $497)

This OnDemand workshop walks you through a step-by-step process (complete with calendar templates and more!) to map out your next quarter in business with intention. Use it on rinse and repeat to clarify your goals, projects and weekly tasks so you always know what to focus on to create the outcomes you desire.

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Bonus #4: AnnMarie’s Entire OnDemand Program Library (Sold Separately For: $712)

In addition to the 12 Core IMPACT Framework Trainings, you’ll also get lifetime access to all of AnnMarie’s other OnDemand Training Programs Including:

✔️ Quizness

✔️ Quiz Funnel Quickstart

✔️ Brand Message Makeover

✔️ 3C Toolkit

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Bonus #5: Your Personal “Digital Workspace” (Value: $297)

This is where we’ll create, document and organize the elements of your Aligned Business Strategy all in one place. As soon as you enroll, our team will set you up with your very own Google Drive & Trello “Digital Workspace” and a video walkthrough so you know exactly how to use it (even our most tech-challenged clients fall in love with this program feature). The best part? AnnMarie has access to your workspace while you’re an Elevate & Impact client so she can review your work, provide feedback and edits -- she’ll even “get her hands dirty” and implement with you on hot seat sessions and monthly intensives as needed.

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Irene Macabante, Founder & CEO of Citrine Consulting Collective

“AnnMarie’s work is magical... [she] came into my life during a very stressful time when uncertainty was holding me back from my goal of getting an entirely new business launched (my second business) by the end of 2020. After embracing AnnMarie’s expertise, I successfully launched my dream business, Citrine Consulting Collective, in December 2020. AnnMarie’s Strategy magic was critical in helping me build my strength and confidence as a CEO, and in helping me get my entire brand and business out into the world in a smart, strategic way.”

When your vision, your business foundation and your growth strategy are in alignment, everything works together to create success with ease: 

  • You have offers you love delivering that allow you to live in your zone of genius and an ideal number of dream clients happily paying top dollar for them
  • You have a clear brand message that resonates with the right people, so you’re actually excited to get visible and promote what you do
  • You’re an authority in your space so right-fit opportunities flow your way all the time
  • And you feel wholly supported to show up as your best -- and press pause to replenish your energy and refill your cup, guilt-free 

 Plus, the power of this work stands the test of time.

When you discover how to use the IMPACT Framework, you can use it on rinse and repeat to make empowered business development decisions and take aligned action every time you feel the call to evolve.

So you can finally accelerate growth, feel amazing doing so and sustain your success, for good.

Amazing! I'm Booking My 1:1 Consult To Explore Enrolling Now

Answers to your biggest questions about the Elevate & Impact Experience...

Elevate & Impact is for high-level women who are committed to experiencing next level impact, income and freedom now -- and elevating from there to enjoy sustainable growth and aligned success for years to come. 

If you’re committed to creating the success you desire, we’re here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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Meet Your Program Host AnnMarie

AnnMarie Rose is an Online Business Strategist and Quiz Funnel Expert with nearly a decade of experience helping business owners leverage their zone of genius to reach the right audience with the right message and generate revenue online.

She and her team have helped hundreds of coaches, consultants and experts pivot and scale with ease by aligning their business model with their vision, elevating their offer suite, clarifying their brand message, and streamlining their marketing and sales efforts so they can impact (and earn) millions online without overwhelm or hustle.

When AnnMarie isn't working, you can catch her sweating it out at a local fitness studio, pulling tarot cards and journaling, sipping wine or coffee with girlfriends at one of her go-to spots downtown San Diego or doing something fun and creative (e.g. abstract painting, attending a comedy show, etc.) with her husband and business partner Jeremy.

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And BTW, Our #ElevateAndImpact Client Community Is THE Best

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Remind me again what's included...

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 Elevate & Impact is a gold-standard Consulting Program exclusively for experienced women entrepreneurs who want a better way to grow and scale their businesses (without hustling, stress and overwhelm)

Over 12 months, your program experience includes:

✔️ Weekly Live Hot Seat Consulting Sessions

✔️ Weekly Voxer Office Hours 

✔️ Monthly Live Implementation Intensive Sessions

✔️ 12 OnDemand (Frame)Workshop Trainings

✔️ 24/7 Support Community Of Impact-Driven Women

Plus, these bonuses:

✔️ Monthly Live Guest Expert Sessions & Specialty Workshops

✔️ OnDemand Bonus Training & Resource Library

✔️ Quarterly Planning Intensive

✔️ AnnMarie’s Entire OnDemand Program Library

✔️ Your Personal “Digital Workspace” & Strategy Guide

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Sold separately, you'd pay more than $23,000 for everything included with this limited time Special Offer. And my 1:1 Clients Pay a minimum of $36k+ for Business Strategy Consulting.

Your Elevate & Impact Investment Options



Billed Once At The Time Of Enrollment


12 Monthly Payments


Billed Monthly Beginning At The Time Of Enrollment


When you click your preferred payment option above, you'll be taken to a checkout page and be prompted to enter your billing info and review the terms for the program experience before confirming your enrollment.

Or Tap Here To Book Your 1:1 Consult With Annmarie Before Enrolling

Here's what Stephanie said about her work with AnnMarie in Elevate & Impact:



Aligning your business foundation and growth strategy to your highest vision and inner hardwiring is the key to unlocking infinite business success with ease.

I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way inside Elevate & Impact.

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Ready for the aligned business success you desire and deserve?

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